What are the crime statistics in my area?
Contact the Sheriff's Department at (706) 695-4592 for the telephone number of the crime analysis section in your area.

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1. How do I get information about someone that was arrested?
2. How do I report people dealing drugs?
3. How do I get assistance with evictions?
4. How do I complain about barking dogs?
5. I was away and when I came home, I found my house had been broken into. Who do I call?
6. How do I get a copy of a crime report?
7. How do I find out if a detective is working my case?
8. How do I get a restraining order?
9. How do I sue someone in small claims court?
10. How do I report my car stolen?
11. How to I report housing code violations?
12. My car is missing. I think it has been repossessed. Who can I call?
13. What are the crime statistics in my area?
14. How do I report cars speeding through my neighborhood?
15. How do I get legal papers served?
16. Who do I contact for child custody issues?
17. Why should I file a crime report?
18. I live in the city, and I need to file a crime report. How do I do this?
19. How do I report someone illegally dumping garbage or hazardous materials?
20. My neighbor and I are not getting along. What can we do?
21. How do I call for a deputy?
22. How do I request extra patrols in my neighborhood?
23. How do I report my child being assaulted on the way home from school?
24. I think someone is using my name and passing forged checks. What can I do?
25. How do I report a lost or stolen cellular phone?
26. How do I report a stolen vehicle license plate?
27. I know who stole my property. Why doesn't the Sheriff's Department arrest the person right now?