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Coroner's Office
In general, the coroner / deputy coroner investigates any death that is unexpected, unusual, violent, or suspicious in any way. This may also include deaths by apparent natural causes that are unattended by a physician. The coroner is responsible for determining the cause and manner of death and works closely with local law enforcement and the GBI medical examiner to make this determination.

The coroner performs scene investigations, medical history reviews, and identifications of the deceased as well as conducts or arranges for notification of the family, and arranges for an autopsy if necessary. The coroner is also responsible for the safeguard of personal affects found on the deceased, and their release to the next of kin or appropriate legal representative.

Coroner / Deputy Coroner Requirements
All coroners and deputy coroners in Georgia must initially take a 40-hour training course at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia. They are then required to complete 24 hours of re-certification training every year on various topics ranging from scene investigation, photography, blood spatter analysis, and other similar topics.
Jason Gibson 

Alan Robbins
Deputy Coroner 

Jonathan Sosebee
Deputy Coroner 

Zach Huggins
Deputy Coroner

104 Hospital Dr.
P.O. Box 1431
Chatsworth, GA 30705

Ph: (706) 695-7484
Fx: (706) 517-3706

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

P.O. Box 1129  |  Chatsworth, Georgia 30705  |  Ph: (706) 695-2413  |  Fx: (706) 695-8721