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Additional Requirements
Other Program Regulations
During all phases, documented attendance at Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings is required. Other program components that support recovery include employment, education, and family education.

The Drug Court Team recommends incentives for exceptional progress, as well as sanctions for program violations, to the judge. Sanctions will be graduated based on your history of behavior, gravity and frequency of the offense, and your demonstrated truthfulness and accountability for your behavior. In the case of major violations, a determination may be made that continuation in the program is not in the best interest of the program or the participant. Sentencing, then, will proceed, based on the original charges, with loss of first offender status.

Your treatment plan will be your guide to steady improvement in terms of awareness, applied skills, and self-directed behavior, and encourages movement from one phase to the next with no down time. Other levels of care or retention in a phase may also support your progress. In all cases, the team makes recommendations to the judge in weekly staffing that precedes each Drug Court session. Your decision to participate in Drug Court will improve the quality of your life for years to come. Your decision may actually save your family and your life.

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