America Recycles Day

Contributing to Recycling

America Recycles Day, held every year on November 15, is a national campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and buying products made with recycled materials. Buying recycled is the step that closes the recycling loop.

10 Great Ways to Celebrate America Recycles Day

  • Commit to recycle and buy recycled products both at home and at work or school
  • Learn what materials you can recycle in your community and do your best to recycle all you can
  • When shopping, purchase products that are packaged in materials you can recycle locally
  • Visit a recycling center in your area and see how your recycled paper and containers are sorted and prepared for manufacturing into new products
  • Read product labels and look for and buy products with recycled content at your local grocery, department store, or home improvement center
    • Look for safe bets that always have recycled content: steel, aluminum, glass, or molded paper pulp containers (like egg cartons)
  • Ask your local retailer to stock more products with recycled content or write the manufacturer of your favorite products asking them to use recycled materials
  • Organize an event such as a display of recycled content products at your school, office, store, or church, or a tour of a facility that manufactures recycled-content products
  • Learn more about how recycling helps preserve resources, protects the environment, and benefits the economy, then teach some kids about the importance of recycling and buying recycled
  • Don't forget waste reduction is important too - look for ways to avoid making garbage, such as composting
  • Visit the great outdoors and enjoy the clear air, clean water, and litter-free landscapes that recycling helps make possible