Economic Development

Vision Statement

The Murray County of tomorrow will remain an inviting and livable community in the foothills of the beautiful North Georgia mountains; a community where superior academic accountability and an educated, engaged workforce supports a business-friendly, entrepreneurial, and diversified economy. By working together, Murray County's residents will enjoy a successful, sustainable future through a renewed sense of community pride and achievement.

Implementing the Vision

In support of this statement and as result of a recently completed strategic planning process, Murray County has entered the implementation phase of a five-year project targeting improvements in our workforce, business environment, and the quality of life afforded our residents.

Partnering with the cities of Chatsworth and Eton, our Chamber of Commerce, and the Murray County Industrial Development Authority, our county's progressive approach to the future ensures the sustainability of both the professional and personal lifestyles we cherish.

The Office of Community and Economic Development would be excited by the opportunity of talking with you about becoming a neighbor within our county. You may contact Eli Falls, (706) 980-0621.