Precinct Locations

Murray County Voting Precincts

  • 824 – Town: The Town precinct has moved from the main fire station on G. I. Maddox Parkway to the Murray County Recreation Center, Gym #1, 651 Hyden Tyler Road, Chatsworth The Recreation facility is located approximately 2 miles from old location at the main fire station. It is approximately 2 miles east of the stoplight by Hardees.
  • 872 – Carters-Doolittle: The Carters-Doolittle polling place has moved from the Ramhurst fire station on Old U.S. 411 South to the fellowship hall of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, 2309 Old Highway 411, Chatsworth.  The church is located approximately one tenth of a mile north of the old location at the Ramhurst fire station.
  • 874 – North: County Fire Station Number 4 is located on Shields Road, and is clearly visible from Georgia Highway 2. The location is about half way between Highway 411 and Highway 225.
  • 1013 – McDonald: The McDonald polling place has moved from the gym at Eton Grammar School to the Murray County Recreation Center, Gym #2, 651 Hyden Tyler Road, Chatsworth. The Recreation Center is located approximately 3½ miles from the stop light at Eton.
  • 1039 – Shuck Pen: The fellowship hall of Zion Hill Baptist Church is located just to the south of Northwest Elementary School on Highway 225.
  • 1291 – Southwest: County Fire Station Number 5 is located on Highway 225 and is approximately eight miles south of the Chief Vann House. The station is just past the bridge over Holly Creek.
  • 1895 – Spring Place:The Spring Place polling location has moved from Spring Place Grammar School to the fellowship hall of the Spring Place United Methodist Church, 731 Highway 225 N, Chatsworth, GA.. The church is located approximately 1 mile north of the Chief Vann House on Highway 225. It is approximately 1½ miles from the present polling location at the school.

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