What You Can Do to Help

Citizen Helpful Hints

Although enforcing Georgia's litter and waste control laws is the responsibility of local and state law enforcement officers, there are a number of ways citizens can help cut down on littering and illegal dumping.

First, don't become part of the problem yourself. Many people don't realize that some of the things they do every day may lead to litter. For example, transporting debris in the back of a truck without a tarp will likely result in the debris blowing onto the side of the road and becoming litter. Similarly, placing unsecured waste at the curb for collection invites animals, or even the wind, to scatter debris along the street. A little prevention goes a long way.

You can help by always disposing of litter properly. Never throw trash directly into a dumpster. Place it in a bag and secure it before tossing. And always secure cargo with a tarp or other cover before taking it on the road.

Second, get involved in community efforts:

  • Participate in volunteer clean-ups, such as the annual Let's Keep Georgia Peachy Clean statewide clean-up or local Keep America Beautiful Program activities. Join the Georgia Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway Program or the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Adopt-A-Stream Program.
  • Spread the word to friends and neighbors that illegal dumping is a crime. Invite local and state law enforcement officials to speak to neighborhood associations and civic groups about Georgia's Litter and Waste Control Laws and illegal dumping problems in your community.
  • Write or call local elected officials and let them know your concerns about littering and illegal dumping. Encourage community and business leaders to provide and maintain trash receptacles where they are needed.

Third, get to know Georgia's laws. Contact your local law enforcement agency to report violations. With the public's help, law enforcement and justice officials can more effectively use these laws to prosecute dumping violators and work toward cleaning up the environment.