Mission Statement

The mission of the Murray County election office is to:

  • Serve the public of Murray County in the processes of registering citizens to vote and conducting elections in accordance with federal and state laws
  • Serve the public and all political candidates with the information necessary for a smooth electoral process
  • Maintain accurate records that are required by both federal and state statutes


This office bears all responsibility for the registration of voters and the conduct of elections as set forth in chapter 21 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.  All activities are conducted in accordance with the rules of the Georgia State Election Board.

This office conducts voter registration for Eton and Chatsworth.  Elections in each city are conducted by that city.

Provisional Ballot Status

If you would like to check your Provision Ballot's Status you may do so at the Secretary of State's Website

If you have any questions contact Murray County's Elections Department at 706-517-1400 option 7


Contact the State Provisional Ballot Hotline at 1-844-537-5375

Notice to Spring Place voters - your precinct has not moved, it is in the same building where it has been for several years.  The building that was once the Spring Place United Methodist Church is now owned by the Salvation Army, as the sign indicates.  You will enter the building by the front doors and will be voting in what was once the sanctuary.

The Runoff for the  General Election in Georgia for 2022 will be on December 6, 2022. 

Because of changes in election law made by the Georgia General Assembly in 2021 the schedule for absentee voting is different from what it was in 2020.   The last day an application may be accepted is for the runoff is November 28th.

Logic and accuracy testing of the voting equipment to be used in the runoff will begin on November 24th at 10 am and continue until completed.  All work is done in public.  The location of the L&A testing is the election office at 121 North 4th Avenue in Chatsworth and in the storage building of the Board of Elections behind the annex building.

Advanced voting for the General Election Runoff will begin  on November 28 and continue until December 2nd.   There is no Saturday voting for the Runoff.   Advanced voting hours are 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Murray County does not conduct advanced voting on Sunday.  Advanced voting is conducted at the  Murray County Recreation Department on Hyden Tyler Road.  The Recreation Center is located at the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Park.  The physical address is 651 Hyden Tyler Road.

A registered voter can vote in the runoff even if you did not vote in the General Election

The drop box for ballots in Murray is located in the office of the Board of Elections and Registration in the courthouse annex.  The address is 121 N 4th Ave., Chatsworth, GA

To see a sample ballot,  go to the My Voter Page on the Secretary of State's website and put in your information.  It will show you the ballot you will use when you vote.  You can print it out if you wish. Follow the directions below.

go to www.sos.ga.gov

click on elections at the top

on the right click on my voter page

on the right enter your information

click submit

your information will appear

scroll down

on the right click on view sample ballot

 Absentee by mail


Advanced Voting

December 6, 2022

DateBallots IssuedBallots ReturnedBallots RejectedAdvanced Voters





Provisional ballots

December 6 , 2022

DateProvisional VotersBallots Verified or CuredBallots Rejected