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Sexual Assault / Date Rape
Sexual Assault and Date Rape Resources
  • Date Rape: A Power Trip: Forced sexual contact is a crime, even if there was previous consensual sex. Date rape is betrayal of trust and causes long-lasting emotional injuries. Date rape or acquaintance rape is about power, control, and anger - not romance.
  • Dater's Bill of Rights: View these helpful reminders for comfortable and safe dating.
  • Rape: Tough Questions, No Easy Answers: There is no perfect way to protect yourself against rape, but there are simple things you can do to minimize your risk. This pamphlet presents the facts of rape and offers safety tips.
  • Sexual Assault is About Power, Control, and Anger: Sexual assault and rape are acts of violence and can happen to anyone. Here's the good news: you can do a lot to reduce your risk of sexual assault.
  • Teen Dating Violence: By the ninth and tenth grades, 59% of youth nationwide have experienced physical abuse, and 28% are emotionally damaged as a result of sexual abuse they have encountered in a dating relationship. 40% of girls admit already experiencing some type of emotional or verbal abuse in casual dating (also available in Spanish).  

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