Onsite Sewage Management (Wastewater)

Program Goal

The goal of our program is to minimize health problems related to untreated human sewage.

The Georgia On-Site Sewage Management System Manual includes a homeowner's guide for on-site sewage management systems, a list of contractors who are certified to install onsite sewage management systems, and other helpful links.

Obtaining a Permit to Install an On-Site Sewage Management System

First, obtain a soil study performed by a Georgia-registered soil classifier. After obtaining the soil study, apply for a permit. You will need to bring soil study, a copy of the floor plan for the house, and the applicable fee. Fees are based upon square footage of the residence:

Residence SizeFee
1,000 square feet or less*$150
1,001 to 2,000 square feet$250
2,001 to 3,000 square feet$350
3,001 to 4,000 square feet$450
4,001 and up$550

* The formula for calculating residential square feet is width x length x number of floors = total square feet, including basements (finished and unfinished) and garages.


Other services provided in the on-site management program include existing system inspections for bank loans, etc. The fee is $100 for the inspection and $150 for the inspection and letter. You can find the application on the Applications, Forms, and Permits page.

Repair permits can be obtained by applying to the Environmental Health Department and paying the applicable fee. A representative will visit the site and make recommendations for the repair. Fees are as follows:

Central (no per unit fee)$250