Community Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Links

  • Everyone's Doing It: Planning a Successful Community Crime Prevention Project: Are you tired of walking by playgrounds that are filled with trash and broken equipment? You know kids won't play there because it's such a mess. Make a difference by cleaning up that playground as a community crime prevention project.
  • Keeping Insider Information Inside: Protect confidential information against insider leaks and corporate espionage.
  • Take Crime Prevention to Work: Local law enforcement agencies will experience greater cooperation and success with crime prevention programs if they include local businesses and corporate offices. Presentations at local businesses are designed to provide basic information and tips on crime prevention.
  • Safer Seniors: An increasing population of senior citizens, including those in assisted-living communities, has made police officers aware of the challenges of reaching this group with safety information. Strong support from the police chief and elected officials helps ensure that time, staff, and resources are dedicated to aiding seniors.

Also see Neighborhood Watch and School Safety.