Conasauga River Alliance

In 1994, citizens interested in the Conasauga River watershed were brought together by the Limestone Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council to begin a close and coordinated look at their watershed. Local stakeholders joined together to create a community based partnership, the Conasauga River Alliance. The Nature Conservancy played a vital role in the partnership by providing staff and organizational support to the Alliance. The Alliance has been active in both Tennessee and Georgia, where it promotes a coordinated effort between private citizens and government agencies to maintain and improve the quality of the Conasauga River watershed while respecting landowner rights.

County Representative

The Murray County representative to the Conasauga River Alliance is Rick Pritchett. He was appointed to the position by the county governing authority, Rick can be contacted at 706-280-3617. Robert Dotson, member of the Conasauga River Alliance can be contacted at 706-264-2152.